World Pi Day with Emma Haruka Iwao

World Pi Day is behind us, but our guest today, Emma Iwao, joins hosts Gabi and Mark to teach us all about pi. Pi is the constant of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Anytime you see a circle on a computer, pi has been used. It’s vital for everything from gaming to calculating rocket trajectories!

Emma crushed the world record for calculating digits of pi using Google Cloud over four months! Listen in to hear more about how she did it!

Emma Haruka Iwao

Emma is a developer advocate for Google Cloud Platform, focusing on application developers’ experience and high performance computing. She has been a C++ developer for 15 years and worked on embedded systems and the Chromium Project. Emma is passionate about learning and explaining the most fundamental technologies such as operating systems, distributed systems, and internet protocols. Besides software engineering, she likes games, traveling, and eating delicious food.

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Question of the week

How do I track what is happening to my containers? Who has access to them, changes, etc?

Where can you find us next?

Mark will be at GDC, Cloud NEXT, ECGC, and IO.

Gabi will be at Cloud NEXT, PyTexas 2019, and she will be conducting a Cloud on Air Webinar on Migrating to Cloud SQL


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