SAP + Apigee: The Power of APIs with Benjamin Schuler and Dave Feuer

Max Saltonstall and Carter Morgan co-host the podcast this week and talk APIs with our guests, Dave Feuer and Benjamin Schuler. Apigee, an API management platform that is a part of Google Cloud, focuses on all steps of the digital product life cycle to make API management easy for clients. The software company SAP provides data storage and other business support for different types of companies across the world. Together, Apigee and SAP allow data to be collected, stored, organized, and securely accessed and shared with other applications.

The shift to e-commerce and the desire for tailored experiences has driven the need for more API usage and therefore better API management. SAP and Apigee, with their myriad features, allow businesses to keep up with these increasing demands efficiently. We hear examples of how companies are leveraging these tools and use cases where the power of SAP and Apigee benefit customers most. Our guests describe the developer experience as well. We talk about the process of creating a project with both SAP and Apigee and why both tools working together makes the developer’s job easier. Planning your project with an “API first” mindset means choosing APIs and SAP software early in the planning process to better align your project with your business goals. Apigee can help you manage these APIs securely, letting you choose the data that is shared. The use of both SAP and Apigee helps companies to realize long-term efficiency and streamlined operations as development becomes easier with each additional API.

Benjamin Schuler

Benjamin Schuler is a Solution Manager for SAP at Google Cloud with a focus on topics around application modernization. Prior to joining Google, he was working directly for SAP’s consulting unit and helped companies move parts of their SAP landscape to the cloud. When he is not busy populating spreadsheets or adding yet another //TODO: to his demo apps, he likes to get out onto the water for some freeride kitesurfing.

Dave Feuer

Dave Feuer is Senior Product Manager at Apigee, a part of Google Cloud Platform. Previously, Dave ran the Platforms & Strategies practice at a boutique consulting firm, designing and implementing developer programs for Fortune 100 companies. Prior to that, Dave ran enterprise telecommunications product development and software engineering at IDT and Net2Phone, a telecommunications and payments company. Dave started his career as an embedded software development engineer, and frequently questions how he ended up spending so much time in Google Slides.

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What’s something cool you’re working on?

Max is documenting how Google & Alphabet made the move to SAP. He’s also working on a Discord bot on Google Cloud and ITRP series launch.

Carter is working on a SAP content video series and teaching in the Equity Through Technology program.


Max Saltonstall and Carter Morgan

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